Michael Fassi

Michael Fassi

With more than 39 years of professional experience, Michael Fassi is a dedicated financial services provider.  He graduated from St. Louis University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a minor in Business Administration.  This top ranked private research institution is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and is known for its small class sizes and personal teaching style.  His education started him on the path of success, which he has enjoyed throughout his professional career.

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Professional Experience

Immediately after graduating from St. Louis University, Fassi joined the team at I.M. Simon and Company as a registered representative.  His principal duty was to market the firm’s products. In 1978, he accepted a position with Lincoln National Life and Lincoln National Life Pension Company.Here he presented their products to employees of the school systems and other non-profit organizations who were eligible for the 403(b) tax deferred retirement plan.He also built working relationships with hospitals and school districts to sell the company’s products.

Over the next 20 years, Michael Fassi worked with a diverse range of companies, first as a representative, then as a sales manager, and eventually as an account executive.  Although the specific duties of the positions he held varied, his main responsibility was continually to market that company’s products and services.  In 1998, he accepted a position with the personal production and management department and the office of supervisory jurisdiction at Multi Financial Securities Corporation.  This company is located in Denver, Colorado.  Fassi worked to build a branch and offer financial services at the retail level.

He joined the team at Farmers Financial Services in 2001.  His main responsibility was to train property and casualty agents on how to present variable annuities, mutual funds, and life insurance to their client base.  He supervised the five top ranking state territories of Colorado, Minnesota, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas.  He then became the owner of an Allstate Insurance and Financial Services Agency.  He worked to grow the business by promoting property and casualty insurance to customers and by offering a broad range of financial service products.


While running the Allstate Insurance and Financial Services Agency, Michael Fassi worked to earn his ChFC® and CLU® professional designations.  A CLU® is a Chartered Life Underwriter, it is the oldest professional designation awarded by The American College of Financial Services.  This title gives the clients added assurance in their financial professional’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of life insurance and estate planning.

A ChFC® is a Chartered Financial Consultant.  This highly respected designation is only available for financial professionals who have worked for a minimum of three years in the industry.  Like the CLU®, the ChFC® was developed by The American College.  In order to achieve this designation, individuals are required to take seven core classes including:

  • Financial Planning: Process and Environment
  • Fundamentals of Estate Planning
  • Income Taxations
  • Fundamentals of Insurance Planning
  • Investments
  • Planning for Retirement Needs
  • Financial Planning Application

Individuals in this program must also take between two and three electives.As a Chartered Financial Consultant, Fassi has proven that he has a comprehensive understanding of financial matters and that he is able to offer his clients sound advice.

In order to earn CLU® designation the financial services professional must take five core courses which are:Fundamentals of Insurance Planning, Life Insurance Law, Individual Life Insurance, Estate Planning, and Planning for Business Owners.  They must also take three elective courses which are chosen from:

  • Financial Planning
  • Health Insurance
  • Income Taxation
  • Group Benefits
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning

In addition to the eight courses, the individual must successfully complete eight corresponding examinations.  Each individual assessment consists of 100 questions and takes approximately two hours to complete.  This extensive training and assessment process lets clients know that their financial services provider has proven their competence.

Michael Fassi and Fassi Financial

Fassi Financial is a family business owned by Michael Fassi’s wife.It is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and they have a second office in Reno, Nevada.  The company’s focus is independent, payment-based wealth protection, management, transfer, and distribution strategies.Fassi works with clients in all 50 states and the company is licensed in Illinois, Colorado, Arkansas, California, Texas, Minnesota, Washington, Ohio, and Wyoming.

Wealth Management services provided by the company include the collaborative development of an investment policy statement.  This document is an agreement between the client and financial planner.It details the client’s wishes regarding investment goals, potential strategies, and explicit instructions regarding asset allocation, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements.  These services also include the distribution of finances in agreement with the investment policy statement, which is reviewed on a regular basis.

Wealth preservation provides assistance to clients in maintaining their assets through the utilization of tax planning, and strategic asset allocation methods.  They also aid in transferring risk to a third party.  Wealth transfer entails business continuation strategies, the review of estate tax consequences, and the evaluation of beneficiary designations, wills, and trusts.  Fassi Financial also provides a divorce financial analyst, who works with couples and individual client’s to assist them in understanding the tax and financial implications associated with divorce.

As a CLU® and ChFC®, Fassi provides services in the areas of estate planning and succession to many business owners.  He also specializes in retirement and investment distribution.  He works closely with clients, analyzing their tax implications and income needs.  His goal for his clients who are planning for retirement is that they do not outlive their money.

Fassi and his wife work with the Financial Educators Network, which is an independent financial education and training company.  They utilize a local network of experienced financial professionals, such as Michael Fassi, to provide educational instruction in a college setting.  He co-teaches classes on modern retirement planning with his wife at Colorado State University, Northern Colorado University, and the University of Nevada, Reno.

With clients all over the country, Fassi is constantly traveling.  He greatly enjoys this aspect of his job.  When on trips for work he always makes a point to take some time to play golf.  He finds himself attracted to the business and social aspects of the sport.  He is also a gourmet cook and invites clients to his home for meals at least once a month.  His specialties are Mediterranean and Italian cuisines.

Michael Fassi takes the time to get involved and give back to his community.  He is a former Rotarian and is also served as the chair for the Larimer County Republican Party.  He continually aids in fundraising efforts for a variety of non-profit organizations.  As a private pilot who has had his license for over 40 years, Michael Fassi takes part in the Honor Flight Network, which provides free transportation for veterans to experience their war memorials.  He is also a captain in his local civil air patrol.

Michael Fassi, CLU, CHFC is a Representative with Centaurus Financial Inc. Mike Fassi may be reached at Fassi Financial, 970-416-0088 or mike@fassifinancialnetwork.com.

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